Shapeshifter D'zigns

All pieces are handcrafted by me using an ecclectic mix of ethically, locally sourced, natural, feather, stone, shell, bone, snakeskin, well as other beauties & oddities gifted my Mother Nature Herself.
No two pieces are alike. Colors, patterns, shape and size will vary, allowing for a wild and interesting one of a kind creation, just like you!

*All feathers and bones have been found by me or gifted from local farms, bird owners and/or bird sanctuaries. Snakeskin (when used) is shed from my Snake, Shakti. All shells have been collected by me from various beaches in and around Ontario and Nayarit, Mexico.

**Not a single animal has ever been, or will ever be, harmed or killed in order to harvest these bones. All these creatures have died due to natural causes, to feed a family or carelessness of others. I have merely been gifted or gathered them up, allowing them a second life as something beautiful once again.